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The Tenth Anniversary Edition of the Debate Team Documentary containing the 103 minute Director's Cut, director and producer commentary, and a second full Special Feature Disc is now on sale. So Awesome.

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The movie is available nowhere else, not theatres, not Netflix, not HBO GO. Nowhere. Support independent film and buy a copy now! Without your support cool little projects like this would never happen. And maybe one day, the Producers on this documentary might actually break even. Let's all pray.


Debate Novel is now on sale.

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Okay, so here's sort of a crazy thing. A long time ago, the director of the documentary wrote a novel about intercollegiate debate. The Novel, set at UC Berkeley in the 1990s, is now available for sale through Smashwords and Amazon for Kindle. It's pretty awesome if we do say so. Please support the arts by buying a copy!